Kirsty Webeck | Gosh!

Kirsty Webeck is the kind of person that misadventure follows around. Despite her best efforts to lead a peaceful existence, emergencies and drama just have a way of finding her. This is great for her comedy career, but it’s a real drain on the public health system.

Gosh! takes you through these mundane-turned-catastrophic events. Not all of them, because no one wants to sit through a 15-hour show, but enough of them to make you either wish you’d been along for the ride or grateful that you weren’t.

Among other things, Gosh! explains how one goes from making mashed potatoes for dinner to being in a hospital emergency room, in a foreign country and in a foreign language, in the short space of 30 minutes.

‘Webeck is a snappily-dressed tornado of light and positivity. Her shows feel less like formal stand-up and more like an hour-long hug from an old friend. Incredibly funny, incredibly smart, and most of all, incredibly, incredibly good at what she does. The good gear.’ Pedestrian.TV

‘Whenever Kirsty Webeck begins to tell you a story you’re never quite sure how it’s going to turn out, but one thing is certain: it’s going to get weird. Not weird in the “freak out” way but weird in the “it could only happen to Kirsty” way.’ My Melbourne Arts

Suitable for audiences 18+

Venue/date/time: TBA