Sat 6 Nov | Carnival Day

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Adam Thompson (and the Chocolate Starfish)

Thompson is probably best known as the iconic front man of Australia rock band ‘Chocolate Starfish’, whose self-titled debut album went platinum and won an ARIA award after spawning hits ‘Mountain’ and their cover of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’. Renowned for his powerhouse performances and electric stage presence, Adam and the Chocolate Starfish have just released their fifth album, The Beautiful Addiction this year.
Adam has channelled this energy and desire towards initiatives with a higher purpose, creating a platform for using music to unite and empower groups of all ages through his bespoke program, MusoMagic. Twenty years and hundreds of workshops, songs and videos later, from corporate groups, schools and remote indigenous communities, MusoMagic has inspired thousands of people around Australia and the globe, spawned a children’s television series (MusoMagic Outback Tracks) and a charity, MusiKarma, which helps young people to create their best possible future.
Throughout his life, Adam has recognised the power that music holds to transcend barriers, unite people from all walks of life and to communicate when words alone aren’t enough. With his strong commitment to social responsibility he endeavours to use music as a force for good, both in business and in service. Hence his mantra for MusiKarma: ‘Play It Forward’, which leads him to mentor young people and provide opportunities for personal and professional development.
Adam is proud and humbled to support the important work of both TUF Minds and LifeChanger

Ellia + Keegan

🎶 GV born and bred Ellia + Keegan decided to band together at the start of 2020 to kickstart back their love of acoustic gigging, only this time to re-invent all your classics and all the tunes you wish you knew through multiple loop-layers and story-telling vocals. 🎵 Being pure music-lovers and laugh-enthusiasts, you’ll be sure to find yourself either toe tapping and/or singing away to all the tunes we know and love…with a twist. 🎼 @jlproductionsandhire

Lillie Walker

“Hi Everyone, I’m Lillie Walker, I’m 16 and a proud Kuku Yalanji, Girrimai and Yorta Yorta young woman. I love to sing and play piano and enjoy performing for people. I am a member of Deborah Cheethams, Dhungala Children’s Choir and loved performing in the Pecan Summer production, at the Sydney Opera House, 2017. Looking forward to performing for you!”

Robert Baxter

Robert Baxter is a performing artist based in Melbourne and Shepparton. Aside from working as a dance teacher and model, he writes and produces personal music in his room, fitting into the genre ‘bedroom pop’ which started off artists like Billie Eilish. Collaborating with other musicians he has released 6 independent tracks which have garnered over 40 thousand streams. Troye Sivan, Doja Cat and Kim Petras are among the queer artists who inspire him musically. Robert wants to continue telling truthful stories and creating a safe space for young people to feel seen, and is excited to have the opportunity to perform at the festival again.


DramaRama is a Drama Group based in Shepparton for adults with a disability, run by Helen Janke. They perform locally as often as the opportunity arises. We’re super glad they’re taking to our Carnival Day stage this year!

Justin Dohrman

Meet Justin Dohrman, one of our amazing Carnival Day performers 🙂 Justin began his performing career here in Shepparton. With the experience he gained through performing, sparked his love for the craft. He was lucky to be accepted into Federation University (aka. BAPA or Arts Academy) and became a Music Theatre graduate. From there he made the move to Melbourne where he tipped his toe into the industry. He had created his own work “Speed-Dating for an Over-thinker.” He also took part in shows around the area. With the rise of Covid-19 he returned to Shepparton where he has been keeping his gears turning. He has worked on projects like being the Creative Director and performing in STAG’s “Encores” concert. He is so happy to be getting the chance to perform once again and share his Pride with everyone. #oito2021 #oito #OUTintheOPEN
🎶 She’s the new kid on the block. But she’s seemed to have lost her birth certificate and can’t figure out what her name might be. 😱 Don’t let that fool you. Because she is fun, fabulous and a little bit foolish. 😉 She likes to think she is fierce. This is her debut appearance and is really excited to have this opportunity. 😍 Hopefully she can make her foot out the door more often after COVID-19. She will certainly make sure you get your money’s worth and will do “almost” anything to earn her dollar. 🤣 Hopefully she will bring the love and joy from the comfort of your home. 🌈 Probably for the best…you wouldn’t wanna get too close to her. 😂

The Winfield Road Experiment

All instrumental band, The Winfield Road Experiment, are out of lockdown and ready to unleash their fiery brand of soul, Latin and jazz music that will have you feeling the heat one moment, before melting your heart the next.
The Winfield Road Experiment is an eclectic and diverse group of musicians that formed to help stay positive during Melbourne’s prolonged COVID-19 lockdown.
Although already well established musicians in their own right, the band presented itself as an epic, raring to go outfit. Using their unique lineup, The Winfield Road Experiment has created a rich soundscape that focuses heavily on storytelling through melody.
Expect to hear highly energetic and jam packed instrumental music that crams catchy melodies, infectious rhythms, flamboyant percussion, thunderous horn lines and wailing solos, The Winfield Road Experiment does it all.
After 18 months of writing and recording The Winfield Road Experiment is ready to explode onto the music scene.

Tom Nethersole

🎼 Tom Nethersole is a 17-year-old creative based in Shepparton. From videography to performing, Tom has established himself as a young, dedicated artist in the area. Performing for the first time at the OUTintheOPEN Festival, Tom is honoured and excited to represent other queer creatives. Tom is passionate about telling stories through art and giving people a platform to express themselves in an open, safe and creative environment. 🌈

Shannon Lemin

He’s 28 years old! And he’s the new kid on the block, down in the big city! 🏙
A small, fun-sized piece of proof that you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy! 👦
Shannon Lemin discovered his passion for singing along the rocky roads of life, glad to be connected to a new social circle supporting his love for music! 🎶

(Drag) Hosts: Frock Hudson and Pattie Choux

Bigger’s better & they don’t come much bigger than the fabulously furry Frock Hudson – fearlessly flamboyant – & their queerer alter ego of cabaret comedian – Dean Arcuri. “Spreading entertainment and joy throughout the community.
Pattie Choux is resident drag artist of her own apartment. She’s vivacious, flakey, and full of hot air – just as her namesake would suggest. She’s your hostess with the mostest, the joie de vivre of trivia, not at all French, and the camp gal pal you call on when your lockdowns are getting you down. Pattie is doing a PhD in medicine, she works in LGBTIQA+ human rights, but most importantly she’s ready to make your “Out” very “in the Open.

Stallholders registered so far to attend Carnival Day 2021 include…

(NOTE: These stallholders will instead join us in 2022 when we return to Queens Gardens post-COVID-19.)


Relationships Australia Victoria


Thorne Harbour Country

Goulburn Valley Libraries

Duds n Dye

Bisexual Alliance Victoria Inc.

Australian Pride Network

Harlem Starlet

Rainbow Labor

Menz & Co Design



The Olde Creamery

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