LIVE performers to include:
Vanessa Wagner – your hostess with the mostest! (click here)
Jayne Lilford – ‘The X Factor’ contestant (click here)
JAM (Jake Dix & Madeline Galbraith)
Rhubarb Rouge (click here)
Hurt But Hopeful
Andy Horton & Sheridan
Charlotte Gemmill
Jade Leonard
(click here)

Drew’s Dirty Dozen (click here)

Cruppens & Thruppens (click here)
(“Cruppens” and “Thruppens” pronounced “OO” as in “bOOk” “Cr-OO-pens AND Thr-OO-pens”.)  Cruppens and Thruppens were founded with: 12 year old bassist: Bailey slade, 16 year old drummer: Cameron slade and 26 year old manager: Lachlan slade.  The Slade brothers continue to write music & jam.  Just for the occasion, they designed an “OUTintheOPEN Festival” themed C&T Logo.

Michael Trenkner (click here)
To be able to create music which touches and holds truth for others, strangers even, is a gift often wasted. For me however, it’s an opportunity I endeavor to seize with both hands (and my guitar!); it’s my turn to give back and contribute to the indelible source from which I drew much needed inspiration and strength when I needed it most. Music drives me…It has the same intensive affect on my soul as love or joy. It offers me a selection of explanations and perspectives for all I have been through and a glimpse of what has yet to be traversed by my soul and I. If music can make me dance, laugh, love or cry – it is a gift – one I want to share.

This opportunity is a privilege and I hope to add something valuable to a world which constantly thrives on and undoubtedly needs musical strength – inspiration for all the spiritual fighters dealing with morality, inquisition, love and war. I feel honored to provide a soundtrack for this battle!!! My music is derived from a multitude of varied influences: country, soul, pop, and Indie alike but throughout, still holds true to the one important constant which drives it – its origin, my soul. I can’t wait to share my music and the music which has shaped me with all of you.


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