Thu 3 Nov | Neutralising Queerphobia

Neutralising Queerphobia: Implicit Bias, Ambient Trauma and Allyship

In a safe, ‘no such thing as a dumb question’ environment, you will explore the many internal and environmental factors that prevent us being the best allies we can be. Building on the ‘LGBTIQA+ 101’ classes you have already done, you will explore how culture, our upbringing, media and community can shape how we show up for queer communities, to make you a more conscious, and humble ally.

Lachlan Slade (they/he) is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who runs Slade Consulting: a specialist wellbeing service for LGBTIQA+ communities, and trauma survivors. They have over a decade of experience as a Social Worker, therapist, and educator.

Lachlan is passionate about creating a world where queer people are nurtured and free to live authentically. He knows that allies that engage in critically reflective practices excel in creating safe places for their LGBTIQA+ family, friends, clients and colleagues

Cost: $85 per ticket (inc. morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea) – register here.