Fri 15 Nov | Forum for Community Workers, Teachers & General Public

“Outside the square: Including SSAITGD young people” (Forum)


A forum to bring together everyone who connects with young people; service providers, teachers, welfare workers, healthcare professionals, admin. staff, retail & hospitality team members, parents, bus drivers, receptionists, bank tellers, YOU!

COST: FREE (includes morning/lunch/afternoon tea)

“Outside the Square: Including SSAITGD young people” is being hosted by UnitingCare Cutting Edge’s Diversity Project as part of the OUTintheOPEN Festival. The forum will provide learning & professional development opportunities with a particular focus on “inclusive practice”; how best to cater to the needs of those who are SSAITGD (same sex attracted, intersex, trans* and/or gender diverse).

SSAITGD young people in rural areas have different needs to those in metropolitan areas facing higher levels of discrimination from homophobic attitudes, isolation, limited clinical health services and limited support systems. SSAITGD young people live, work and play in all parts ofour community and can sometimes remain ‘invisible’ if the services/places they seek support/hang out are not committed to “inclusive practice”. SSAITGD young people may not identify themselves as such – or use a label at all – so ensuring we’re providing “inclusive” spaces where everyone feels welcome is the key. “But how do I do that?”

Labels (and all letters of the alphabet) aside, all young people deserve (and have the right) to be treated fairly, equally – and live ‘label-free’, if they so choose. We don’t need to put people in a ‘straight’ or ‘SSAITGD’ check-box to engage with them, but it certainly helps if we’re always thinking outside the square, “What can I do differently each day to ensure ALL young people feel welcome, valued & respected?”

Researchers, workers and young people involved in the youth sector will present information and inclusive practice strategies (for people living/working in country Victoria) in areas including mental health and wellbeing, sexual health, educational settings, the law/equal opportunity & more.

Full programme available here

Scholarship, accommodation and registration form/information available here.

Trans* people include (but are not limited to) those who describe themselves as transgender, transsexual, FTM (female to male), MTF (male to female), genderqueer, transman, transwoman, boi, crossdresser, androgynous, third gendered, two spirited, Sistagirl / Brotherboy.


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