Bailey Slade, frontman of Past Present, is a 19 year old that has been born and raised in the Goulburn Valley in Victoria, based around Mooroopna. He explores a Folk Punk sound taken from The Smith Street Band playbook on his upcoming release known as After-Party. With lyrical themes of mental illness and the mundane and fantastic musical prowess, the After-Party EP was released on November 20 in 2019 through all major streaming platforms, with an album on the way.

Phoebe Belle is an emerging young artist who just wants to make music that people will love OR so that people will love her, still deciding. She has been writing music for as long as she can remember and performing for as long as she’s been any good at it. The highlight of Phoebe’s career so far has been performing as Link Larkin in Hairspray and every other male lead in her high school productions for the past 3 years #tallgirlproblems. Phoebe aspires to be loved and admired by all. Jokes aside, Phoebe aspires to become a music teacher and to release music that she hopes will get noticed by Shawn Mendes or Billie Eilish, preferably sooner rather than later because she wants to marry young. Phoebe Belle is super excited to be releasing her first EP very soon, titled Metamorphosis!

After a three year hiatus, The Murks are getting back together for Out in the Open. Playing their alternative rhythmic creations this new lineup will smash out their classics and get you grooving!

Parmy Dhillon is a genuine character. The Melbourne singer-songwriter delivers powerful music that deals in raw, honest emotion. His latest release, Parmy Dhillon serves up “Mad City” (His long awaited debut with band- The New Science) not just a collection of songs but a movie soundtrack to the short film of the same name. The tracks stay true to the infamous Melbourne hard rock scene from where they were crafted, whilst hailing to the Alternative Rock sound of the 90’s. The New Science are an outfit that leave a lasting impression with their solid grooves and unique take on hard rock, comprising of Dave Lahn (Drums) Clay Beasy (Bass) and Rob Puglisi (Guitar); Complimented by the song writing & melodies of Parmy Dhillon (Acoustic/Vocals).

Snow lay on the runway and the plane was being defrosted before take-off from Glasgow International Airport, it was January 2011. I was Melbourne bound. I laugh when I think of that story, not for the obvious reasons, but because I had one suitcase and my whole life was in it – now, 7 years later, I have two suitcases just to do a nightly gig! The then 20 something year old Krystal could never have imagined how life would have turned out. In those seven years since it has been my honour to become a contributing member of the LGBTIQ community in Melbourne. I have performed and hosted at nearly every LGBTIQ venue in Melbourne and since November 2017, I have been the host of my own nights at Sloth Bar in Footscray. Along the way I have been crowned Miss Congeniality and winner of the Judy Garland contest at Nationwide competitions. In 2017, I performed on the main stage at the ChillOut Festival and co-hosted the Goulburn Valley Pride’s OUTintheOPEN Festival. In 2018, I had the honour of returning to the ChillOut main stage as well as hosting and performing at The Daylesford Farmers Arms and The Daylesford Hotel over the festival weekend. I am beyond excited to be re-joining the OUTintheOPEN Committee for their annual Festival Day as Emcee. I always think that no matter if I’m performing, hosting or just socialising – to add colour and movement – if I can make one person smile, I’ve done my job!

Jeffry’s Cabbage are a three piece band that found their beginnings in Shepparton. Their style holds place in the indie/pop genre, with the boys bringing good vibes and lively performance filled with humour. Now Melbourne based they have been working on a variety of projects and recording their collective works through their producer and bassist Kyle Dyson.

The 4 piece Progressive rockers that put Satan to sleep and get Grandma dancing, Past Present formed in Shepparton around 2013 and have been gigging and recording constantly, playing their own mix of Progressive, Punk and Hard Rock. They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Clowns, Born Lion, Clint Boge, Captives and Batpiss, and have also released two albums; Emancipate Me in 2016 and The Beast & The Burden in 2018, which contains the acclaimed singles Harlequins and Beherith. Following this, they are currently in the works of a third album, which carries on from the themes showcased on their second album.

Wollongong duo Cry Club blend heavy-hitting post-punk with a glittering pop sentimentality. Made up of vocalist Heather Riley and guitarist Jonathon Tooke, they tackle everything from pervasive homophobia to flaky mates while maintaining a distinct kindness to all those around them. Since forming in January this year, they’ve supported the likes of Moaning Lisa, Sports Bra and Slowly Slowly and showcased at BIGSOUND. Much like their live show, debut single ‘Walk Away’ – a gripping and personal take on the effects last year’s plebiscite had on Riley – slaps you across the face from the get-go and doesn’t let up its intensity. Cry Club are endearingly humble, a little bit nerdy and very sweet; they’ll high-kick their way to your heart in no time.

Melbourne trio Huntly have spent recent years steadily building a reputation as one of Australia’s most evocative and dynamic live electronic acts, known affectionately as “doof you can cry to”. Huntly’s 2019 debut album, ‘Low Grade Buzz’ is a fully developed meditation on this manifesto; hailed to set new standards for innovative and versatile songwriting, meticulous production, and compelling lyricism. Pulsing between the borders of Australian experimental pop, R&B, and dance music scenes, Huntly are known for their profound musical range and their capacity to forge inclusive spaces that validate emotional vulnerability. Their expertise in writing and production, combined with their dedicated and intentional live approach has captured attention from listeners worldwide. ‘Low Grade Buzz’ (Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control) was released in March of this year, and has since secured features and rotation slots across national and international radio, widespread features on Spotify and Amazon Music ‘best new music’ playlists, and scored Huntly a spot as Apple Music’s ‘best new artist of the week’. With sold out Australian launch shows and a recent signing to North American label House Arrest, Huntly’s unique sound has emerged as a point of distinction and connection with listeners, as 2019 sees the trio bursting onto the international scene.